The Pelton turbine: energy production through high pressure

The Pelton turbineLestor Pelton built 1879 the from him called Pelton turbine. The idea, according to which a water wheel is put into motion by a water jet was already known before him, when mostly horizontal water wooden wheels moved millstones in corn mills or  pad saws in sawmills.

In the current models from one to six nozzles are pointed at the runner of the turbine. A Pelton turbine is ideal for big fall heights between 50 – 1000 metres and for relative small water volumes.

The mode of operation of a Pelton turbine

Water is made flow at high speed through the nozzle(s). The water jet coming out from the nozzle(s) hits the blades of the runner, which is consequently put in motion. The runner is mounted directly on the generator shaft. Through the generator the kinetic energy is converted into electric power. Also this type of turbine achieves a high level of efficiency over a large load range.

Customized-production of a Pelton turbine

We are able to produce all types of turbines according to the ideas and requests of our customers. Thanks to the technical knowledge and the logistics conditions of Tschurtschenthaler Turbinenbau we can supply every turbine quickly.