The Francis turbine: ideal for small-middle sized falls

The Francis turbineThat of producing energy through water power is a very ancient finding. The Francis turbine was already developed 1849 by James B. Francis and till nowadays it has not been deeply modified.  The efficiency and the functional details turn this overpressure hydraulic turbine into an adjustable and solid energy producer.

The Francis turbine is the ideal solution for fall heights between 10 and 100 metres and for a medium water flow rate.

The operation mode of the Francis turbine

With this type of turbine the water is led through a spiral pipeline and after that it hits the standing guide wheel. The blades fixed on it can be adjusted according to the water volume, with consequent adaptation to the water pressure variations, caused for example by different water conditions depending on the weather conditions and the seasons. The water puts finally the curved blades of the runner into motion which is combined directly with the generator.

The construction effort of the Francis turbine is very extensive, but it convinces thanks to its high level of efficiency at a full load range.

Customized production of the Francis turbine

According to the requests of our customers we produce turbines with vertical or horizontal axis. In our own factory we can entirely produce also customized all-in-one solutions for Francis turbines.